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Daarcy is the new standard in live music management, providing couples with the best in wedding and function entertainment. Daarcy wedding bands are made up of the most sought after talent in South Wales, trained specifically to make your big day unforgettable. They are reliable, punctual, crazy and fun.

Daarcy Agency

Daarcy is a community of like-minded singers and musicians who wanted to do things for themselves, free from the whims and monopolies of the big live music agencies. We wanted to reintroduce a sense of honesty into live music and be more than just a resource that allows savvy business individuals to cream a percentage off the top of our profits. To that end, we set up a business that is so much more than just an agency. For instance, the Daarcy Group incorporates its own academy.

Daarcy Academy

That’s right: Daarcy is the first live music agency that trains up its own singers and musicians. We invest in people and take a long-term view of the development of talent. We feel, as a business, that it is our responsibility to make a valuable contribution to the community that we serve. We feel it is vital both for our business and for our position in the world that we give young people the chance to hone their craft and develop their skills in a live setting. If you want to check out just how far into the future we are looking for the training of talent in our business, check out the following video:

Daarcy AV

Daarcy also incorporates its own Audio Visual Department. Here, we give our bands the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of planning, shooting and editing their own promo material. Astute visual representation is a vital tool in the development of any brand and it seemed to us a no-brainer to give our troops an outlet for their creativity in this field. In the process of creating their own Youtube videos, they learn in a fun and creative way how to market themselves appropriately:  valuable knowledge for wherever their careers might take them.

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Daarcy is a South Wales community of like-minded singers and players dedicated to rocking UK joints.

Featured Artist: Katie (Daarcy 1)

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