Daarcy Agency solution for tightly planned weddings

Daarcy’s revolutionary new live music agency concept offers a convenient band solution for tightly planned weddings.

A wedding can be a complex affair where timing is concerned. Speeches tend to overrun and photographers insist on taking full advantage of the fading daylight. Often, your band will be due to play in the same room as the wedding breakfast. It can lead an unwanted lull in the party atmosphere. Daarcy has a convenient solution for tightly planned weddings.

A new approach to live music agency

Here at Daarcy, we take a radically different approach to the live music agency business. For one thing, we always keep an eye on developments in music technology for ways to improve our service.

Quick Set-Up Time

We want our appearance at your event to be as streamlined and smooth as it can be. In order to achieve this, a quick set-up time is crucial. In choosing equipment, we only give consideration to gear that is compact, lightweight and easy to use – and sounds great.

Standardised Equipment

Each time we find a piece of gear that makes our service more efficient, we simply roll it out to all our bands. Indeed, while we work with a broad range of multi-varied talents, we send them out with the same equipment for each gig. Our musicians are trained to use our gear and, since the equipment does not vary from gig to gig, they are extremely familar with it. Set-up times of under half an hour (!) are standard across our organisation.

The Room Turn-around Buster

If you are organising a tightly planned wedding with limited time for a room-turnaround, Daarcy Live Music Agency has the solution for you. Watch the video  for a visual demonstration.