Four basic wedding first dance types identified

There are many different ways in which couples approach and execute their wedding first dance. This blog aims to identify four basic first dance types and so enable you to pick the approach most suited to you. Which of the below scenarios corresponds best with your own thoughts and feelings on the subject:

The FLAMBOYANT couple:

wedding first dance 5These two are up for it! They may well come to it from some kind of performance-based background and have the single-minded aim to surprise and wow their guests. It is likely that they have danced in some formal way before, but they will still have employed a dance coach months in advance and will have been taking regular classes in order to prepare for the big event. As a guest, prepare to be amazed and don’t rule out acrobatics and pyrotechnics.

 The CONFIDENT couple:

wedding first dance 3

These two are super-cool. They are secure in their dancing skills and know that their charisma on the dance floor will see them through. They will sway, they will step, they will even twirl, but it will be spontaneous and their guest will love it.

The RELUCTANT couple:

wedding first dance 6These two know they have to do it. They even want to do it, but not for too long please and let’s not make a big fuss. This is by far the largest category. Let’s be clear: being reluctant to do a wedding first dance is a perfectly valid attitude to have. Not everyone is keen on literally putting themselves in the spotlight. (Thank goodness!) There is nothing wrong with swaying for a minute and a half and then inviting your guests onto the dance floor with you.

The SHY couple:

wedding first dance 4

These two would rather die than do a wedding first dance. If dancing while people watch you is not your thing, there nothing wrong with foregoing this item altogether. Don’t feel pressured.

Hints and Tips:

  • Be smart with your song choice. If you are the reluctant type and don’t want to move like Jagger, pick a slow one. If you don’t want it to last forever, pick a short one. At Daarcy, we are experts at editing songs to any length around the three-minute mark (the ideal duration, in our experience). Don’t be afraid to ask us to edit out the two-minute guitar solos: We are not precious! Even the most seasoned dancers are going to have people start looking at their watches after the fifth backflip.
  • For the flamboyant or confident type: Don’t be afraid to customise. If you want us to segue Can’t Help Falling In Love into Gangnam Style (it’s happened!), let us know. We would be delighted! Under your guidance, we will assemble the tracks exactly as we will play them on your big night. We’ll send you a copy well in advance, so you can rehearse and perform with confidence. All that remains for us and your guests to do is stand right back.
  • If you are the reluctant type, segueing from a slow song into an up-tempo one might work equally well: It can help you keep your wedding first dance short and sweet and launch your guests onto the dancefloor at the change of pace.
  • Daarcy bands love playing your wedding first dance live for you. It’s the perfect way to start the party: it creates an intimate moment between the couple, the guests and the band: a bonding experience for all involved.
  • For those couples with planned moves: Daarcy bands will always play your wedding first dance live at exactly the tempo of the record. In fact, we will do this even if you haven’t rehearsed any steps.

In general:

Of course, the possibility exists that a couple is made up of a flamboyant dance-instructor and a shy wallflower. It is worth bearing in mind, for any kind of couple, that the audience consists of people who love you and admire you for who you are. They simply want to cheer you on, so don’t be afraid to give them the opportunity. One twirl is often all it takes.