Optimise your wedding band set list

A wedding band set list is one of the main things that should attract you as a potential customer. Here at Daarcy, it is our philosophy that a set list should be made up of songs that will bring the largest possible variety of people onto the dance floor together. It is important to optimise your wedding and party band set list to suit the full make-up of your particular group of guests. Especially at weddings, it does not pay, for instance, to alienate large sections of the crowd by stacking the set either in favour of current hits or of songs exclusively from one particular bygone era.

A smart band makes smart choices

We notice that guests can be picky about what they dance to during the first set (it happens). If they are not enticed onto the dance floor by a song that particularly appeals to them during that time, it is possible that you lose them for the rest of the night. As a band, if you want everyone on the dancefloor together by the end of the night, you have to make smart choices throughout the beginning and middle of the night. In other words, you must find ways to please the entire gathering at different stages. At Daarcy, we consider our skill in this area a point of tremendous pride.

Agency Brand Identity

Each Daarcy band chooses their songs from the same basic set list (see below). Our set is a well-thought out mixture of indestructible classics, modern classics and current hits. The set does not vary significantly from line-up to line-up and is designed to wreak havoc at any type of party in the UK: weddings, corporate functions, office parties and the like. Our set is continually researched and regularly updated. We consider it a strong aspect of our brand identity.

Your Favourite Songs

There are 56 songs on our list, but at most events we will play only around 32: the approximate number required for a 2 hour performance. Most of the songs will be chosen from the top half of the list. If you have booked us on the strength of our set list and you see a particular favourite a bit further down the line, be sure, when you receive our event questionnaire, to include it in your list of must-haves.

Check out our set list.


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