Daarcy: A New Kind Of Agency

Our Core Values:






Daarcy are not an agency in the traditional sense.

We only offer bands that we have put together ourselves. Unlike traditional agencies, we oversee every aspect of our bands’ gigging process, starting at the beginning: we provide in-house training to instruct bands not only on how to perform our cutting-edge set list and to set up our cutting-edge gear, but also on how to interact with customers and audiences in accordance with our core values.

 As well as an agency department, our company also comprises an academy and an AV department.

Daarcy Academy

In our academy, we train the Daarcy players of the future. Pupils between the ages of 8 and 16 are taught music in a band set-up (groups of three or four), focusing on the songs that they know and love. This hugely successful method has gone from strength to strength in the two years since its inception and is set to provide additions to the Daarcy agency roster in the near future. Check out our Community page for a closer look and use the enquiry form to ask us for more details.


Daarcy AV

A traditonal agency, these days, is a company that invites bands to post their media content on the agency website on the promise of event bookings. The often high-quality media content (paid for by the bands) drives high volumes of traffic to the agency website and gives the agency the leverage to demand a high percentage of the bands’ booking fees.

This is not how we run Daarcy.

All our media content is created (and paid for) in-house. Our musicians are encouraged to be creative and get involved in the process. We provide them with the facilities to conceptualise and execute their vision. In this way, the process becomes mutually beneficial.

We Are Daarcy

Daarcy is not an agency for bands, it is an agency for talent. We are deliberately structured like a training hospital, where senior members prepare juniors for a career in music. We are determined to make a positive contribution to our community, not just by providing the best and most fun and engaged wedding and function agency service, but also by sharing our enthusiasm for playing and performing: teaching the young talent of Wales and beyond; giving them an outlet for their creativity and providing them with a platform to hone their performance skills.